youth group 2016

At Merrick Drive, we get the opportunity to see what it looks like when teens encounter God in their lives.  We pray for our youth, surround them with a community of adults who invest in them, and work to lead them into a mature faith, and a loving relationship with the God we serve.  Here’s what we have coming up:
13 – Area Wide at Faith Village Church of Christ
18-20 – Winterfest
27 – Sunday Night Devo
28 – Guys Night
4 – Girls Prayer Dinner
6 – Soup Kitchen
8 – Night to Shine
10 – Area Wide at Seminole
24 – Sunday Night Devo
25 – Guys Night
4 – Girls Prayer Dinner
7 – Game Night
10 – Area wide at Southwest Church of Christ
24 – Sunday Night Devo
25 – Guys Night
31 – Youth lead evening worship
8 – Girls Prayer Dinner
28 – Sunday Night Devo
29 – Guys Night
5 – Senior Banquet
6 – Girls Prayer Dinner
10 – Youth Party
13 – Guys Night
Time and locations in newsletters and remind texts
During the year we participate in community outreach programs such as:

– The Soup Kitchen

– Hope for Ardmore

– Singing for local nursing homes

– Vacation Bible School

Another important aspect of the Merrick Drive Youth Group is our personal

youth group+family time.These are activities that bring us closer to one another and bring us to a better understanding of how each of our stories fit inside the BIG story that God is telling. During the year our calendar will be filled with things like:

– Monthly in-house devotionals (w/meal!)

– Weekly Bible studies

– Game/Movie nights

– Breakfast for dinner night