One of the easiest and best ways to really get connected to our Christian community is to join a Life Group! There are currently seven groups from which to choose. Each one has its’ own dynamics. We believe you are sure to find a group that fits your needs. We encourage all of our members to participate in them because we believe they will help us to grow closer and mature in the Lord. While the dynamics of each group differs, their subject of study may differ, too.

Each meeting combines fellowship, study and/or prayer. Indirectly, community is a primary focal point. Learning to be like Jesus and loving like Jesus can best be done when people know each other, so an atmosphere of “friend-making” is promoted. This is one of the greatest perks of being in a group! 

Life Groups is where friendship is encouraged through community, support, study and prayer. Most groups meet twice a month; 1st and 3rd Sunday, however, some groups have chosen to meet only once a month. If you’d like to be a member of one, give the office a call. Leading Life Groups are: Ron & Iris Benedick/Mike & Sheryl Scherf; Mark & Shelia Sheaman (Empty Nesters); Jordan & Kaleigh Gary/Brandon & Brittney Offield/Willie & Tamara Sanchez (Young Professionals); Mike & Connie VonTungeln (“Lunch Bunch”); and Adam & Suni Savage (Young Families). You’re encouraged to join one of these groups.