Week 4 057Harold & Barbara Butler – Elder

Harold became employed here and moved to Ardmore in 1995. He became a widower in 2014 when his wife of 55 years (Kay) died after a lengthy illness. He and Barbara Kenner (a widow of 21 years) were married in September, 2015. Harold has two sons and five grandchildren while Barbara has two daughters and four grandchildren.
He was raised in Wewoka, OK and became a Christian at an early age. His father was an elder in the church there and so his upbringing always included the church.
He was a school teacher and administrator by profession, retiring from full time employment in 2002 after serving here as the Financial Director and Associate Superintendent at Ardmore City Schools for 7 years.
He has served the church as either a deacon or elder since the 1960’s. He served as an elder in the Seminole congregation in the 1980’s and became an elder here at MACC in 1998. He moved to Ardmore in July, 1995, and has been associated with this congregation ever since. 
He has been a bible class teacher almost continually since the l960’s in each of the congregations where he was attending and has served as a fill-in minister in various congregations for most of those years as well.
He was blessed in 1998 to be asked to serve this congregation as an elder. Harold commented, “That has been a blessing to my life as well as a true joy. My prayer and desire is that I can provide stability, vision and insight into the affairs of this congregation and provide leadership that will move the group forward in their commitment to our Lord. As other people visit us at this congregation, I hope they find the same friendliness and Christian spirit that I have felt for these many years. It has been truly a pleasure to be associated with a group of Christians who seem totally united in spirit and love.”

Glen & Trica Gary – Elderfd63b0d0-1666-e511-80bf-00155d37174f.axd

Glen Gary and his wife Tricia have been members of the Merrick Drive church family since 1992. They have been happily married for 36 years. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Glen began serving as an elder in 2013. Before becoming an elder, he served in our involvement ministry, youth ministry and as a deacon. Glen considers it a true joy to serve as an elder. He loves to serve others and visiting and getting to know people is his passion. He also enjoys getting to work with the High school group.

Glen has worked for 28 years for the Michelin North America Company in Ardmore Ok as Payroll Administrator. He loves to fish and spend time with his family.

Glen would like to “Invite everyone to come see what this church is all about…You will not find a more loving and friendly group of people”.

John & Sue Gibbs – Elder                 Week 3 084

John Gibbs and his wife Sue have been members of the Merrick Drive family since 1994. They have two children and five grandchildren

John began serving as an elder in 1998. John also continues to be one of Merrick Drives adult bible classes and sometimes teaches our teens. Sue helps in the small children’s classes, nursery and helps with weddings and showers. 

John and Sue both enjoy and attend many women’s basketball games and events. They have season tickets and are big fans of the OU women’s basketball program.

They love the Merrick Drive family. They appreciate very much the love and unity that is displayed as we all pull together on our journey to Heaven.

Jim & Dollie Thornton – Elderbcc5c2cf-1866-e511-80bf-00155d37174f.axd

Jim and Dollie Thornton have been members of the Merrick Drive family since 1998. They have two daughter and 4 grandchildren.

Jim has been serving as an elder since 2001 and continues to work in the visitation program and bible class teacher.

Jim works as a petroleum engineer with TriPower Resources and Dollie works as a Licensed Counselor and does counseling at the Merrick Drive Church. Jim loves to be involved with the church family in spiritual leadership. In visitation and helping with their spiritual and physical needs, especially with the older members. Also enjoys daily bible reading.

Jim considers it a privilege, a joy and a humbling experience to serve as one of the shepherds of God’s flock. Jim states, “It is a blessing to be a part of this church family because it is a family with a priority to grow spiritually and to become more like Christ. It is a family that expresses unity, love and concern for each family member”.

week 9 062Dennis & Becky Walker – Elder

Dennis and Becky Walker have been members of the Merrick Drive family since 1997. They have 3 children.

Dennis became a shepherded for the Merrick Drive family in 2014. Besides his responsibilities as a an elder he helps with LTC and assists with the children’s education.

Dennis states “the Merrick Drive family has blessed my family so much, We were embraced by this family the moment we moved to Ardmore and a number of families consider our kids their own. It gives me joy to pay it forward to the young families of this congregation.

As for God, His way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shield all who take refuge in Him. Psalm 18:30
Week 2 118Ron & Iris Benedick-Elder
Ron and Iris